My name is Lucie and I was trying to find a way how to capture moments which I experience in my life. I have found it in photography.

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I don’t rush, I don’t stylize, I just experience and grasp emotions which float in the air. I capture moments the way they come.

If my photos reflect the real atmosphere and both sides are satisfied with the outcome, then I’m satisfied too.

To a café, on a trip, to a school. I take my camera everywhere with me, thanks to that I can capture situations which I’m exposed to, people who I meet and moments which I experience.

The beauty of everyday life and moments which aren’t anticipated. Life.


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Harmonize everything, play with details and complete the whole picture. It doesn’t matter whether I just photograph or if I participate in some projects, I want my work to be based on a mutual understanding and trust. I believe that results of work are affected by the fact whether people are on the same wavelength or not.


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Whether it is clothing brand or café, cooperation always brings diversity into my work. I try to improve myself continuously by combining various skills. I am glad if my work has excellent marks in the projects, I believe in. Other people’s happiness makes me happy.

Lucie Urban


Fine art has constantly drawn my attention and I have always tried to find a way how to capture moments which surrounds me. I found it in photography. More than 7 years have passed by from first shoots on a smart phone to this day. Many things have changed during that time, but my passion has lived on. Passion for progress and joy of a good work and a positive feedback.

At this time I study photography in Prague. Thanks to that, I have opportunity to explore the Czech Republic and whole Europe. You can track my steps and experiences on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

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